The Ultimate Guide to using Facebook Groups to Attract Clients

Facebook groups are a great way to market your business, as an emerging coach or entrepreneur.

I actually brought in my first 5 clients, purely through connecting with people in Facebook groups.

If you are an emerging coach or entrepreneur who is still finding her footing in the world of online entrepreneurship, Facebook groups are amazing for many reasons!

They help you meet new people and build relationships.

They make you realize that you aren’t alone on this crazy entrepreneurial journey.

And most importantly, they allow you to connect with potential clients.


Here’s a few things you want to remember before you jump into Facebook groups with both feet:


If your aim is to attract dream clients for your business, it is important that you are picking the right Facebook groups to promote your services. Pick groups that are full of your ideal clients.

Equally, make sure you pick groups that are engaged and allow promotions, at least few times a week.

The idea isn’t to jump in and immediately start promoting your stuff. Of course not. But eventually, you will want to promote your opt-ins and services. So make sure you have that option.


When it comes to marketing in Facebook groups, being a social butterfly doesn’t work. Pick 2-3 groups that you actually enjoy being a part of. And then show up consistently everyday so you get known as the go-to-queen in your niche.

(Being friends with the group host is always a bonus!)


Facebook groups have the power to suck you in and waste hours of your time.

And you definitely don’t want to do that when you have 101 other things you’d rather focus on.

So here’s what I suggest you do – Set a timer for 30 minutes twice a day and get into your hand-picked groups. Then post, interact and get out.


If you sit to create content for your Facebook groups every single day, you’ll go crazy. Trust me on this one. I’ve tried it, it doesn’t work. Plus, it takes so much time!

So here’s what I do instead. I set aside a couple of days every month to create all my posts in one go. I end up saving a lot of time, plus content creation becomes super easy when I am in the flow. Try it. You can thank me later.

Alright then! We’ve set the stage for you.

Let’s jump in now into your Four-week Marketing plan:


Entering a new Facebook group is like entering a party. You want to get to know everyone, and get everyone to know you + love you.

How do you do this? Through a series of posts, of course.

Start with introducing yourself. Tell people who you are, what you do, and what makes you unique. Then go a step further and share a couple of personal stories from your life that your potential clients will connect with.

This is also the time to share lots of photos of you – from your pro photoshoot, as well as informal selfies from your daily life. Why? Because people are just getting to know you. And it’s much easier to remember faces than to remember names.


This week is all about being super generous with sharing your most valuable content with people.

Share mini blog posts, tips, freebie PDFs (without opt-ins) and your best content for free. Show people how awesome you are, without asking for anything in return.

If you can carve some time in your calendar, invite people for no-pitch free assessment sessions. A clarity call. A brand date. A business breakthrough. A nutrition consultation. Anything that allows you to transform lives in 60 minutes or less.

Early on in my business, these free sessions were a game-changer for me. I booked about 20 sessions through a single post – which gave me exposure, confidence, testimonials and my first paying clients!


Now is the time to get the big guns out.

This week is all about showcasing your expertise, and showing up as a leader in your niche.

Get on video and let people see you live. Showcase your expertise through a telecall or a masterclass. Ask people to sign up for your best stuff – a course, a challenge or a webinar. Start building your list. And give people massive value in a short amount of time.


It’s finally time to start promoting your business. Woohoo!

Write posts that describe your offer, and end with an invitation to hop on a call with you. Or if you are promoting a low-cost service, you can directly mention all the details of the service, the investment amount and a link to buy from you.

Remember to add value + engage too. Make sure 3 out of 4 posts are still providing value to your people. Continue building and strengthening relationships by commenting on other people’s posts, offering valuable advice and inspiring others.

So there, you have it.

A step-by-step four week plan to help you connect with your ideal clients, build relationships and attract paying clients.

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