You don't just want clients.

You want consistent, predictable, high-end clients, week-after-week, month-after-month, am I right?

You started your business with a fire in your belly and a vision in your heart.

A vision to impact the world with your work, while living the coveted freedom lifestyle.

But the way things are going right now, that ‘freedom’ lifestyle is nowhere in sight.

Yes, the clients are trickling in but they are few and far between. Every $5K month is followed by $0 months. Every successful week is followed by exhaustion and overwhelm.

I mean… aren’t you already doing enough?

You’ve posted your offer in every Facebook group out there, multiple times, with no results. You’re sending out emails week after week that no one responds to. And even if someone does sign up for that discovery call, converting them into clients is ANOTHER battle. Something that’s definitely not possible without a little bit of coaxing and convincing and sometimes, ahem..a massive last-minute discount.

You know you deserve more, and you’re so ready to finally start charging your worth, sell out your premium offers and create BIG RESULTS in your business.


Not months or years from now, but TODAY.

All you need is a little bit of strategic marketing support to help you fill your community with the perfect audience, streamline your content so it speaks to your exact clients, and master the art of selling your services to book those high-paying clients.

And that’s where I come in.

Let’s streamline your marketing systems so you can GET MORE CLIENTS and MAKE MORE MONEY online (while finally having a life outside of Facebook!)

I know what it’s like to keep scrambling and hustling for those few handful of clients to come in.

In fact a year ago, I was EXACTLY YOU!

I was exhausted, depleted and was working more than I’d EVER worked in my high-paying corporate job. All for a measly $2000 per month. No wonder I kept dreaming about just quitting it all and going back to my cushy, comfortable job.

But then, by implementing simple strategic systems into my business, I totally turned things around and started creating mind-blowing results I’d only dreamt of!

:: My list quickly exploded with 1500+ high-quality leads.

:: I started booking discovery calls every single week and hearing 'Hell Yes' on the phone 80% of the time.

:: I doubled my prices and started attracting totally swoon-worthy clients who were ready to pay-in-full.

:: I stopped working 12 hour days + weekends in my business, and started working just 5 hours a day!

:: People started seeing me as the go-to expert in my industry, and I started getting invited to countless summits and got featured in A-list magazines such as Evercoach, YFS and Inspired Coach.

And within 2 months, I went from having $2K months to creating consistent $5K, $8K and $11K kinda results in my business.

Let's do the same for you now.

A powerful incubator for the ambitious entrepreneur who is ready to go from feast & famine results to consistent clients + cash in her business!

The Clients + Cash Mastermind is exactly what you need if you...

  • Want to sign up consistent high-end 1:1 clients month after month and create predictable $5K+ months in your online business
  • Have worked with a few clients here and there and made some money in your business, but are far from the consistent $5k month mark
  • Want streamlined systems to explode your list and community, nurture your audience and book and convert discovery calls into high-paying clients
  • Want to kick those doubts and fears to the curb and surround yourself with other successful women to create kickass results in your life and business!

In this cozy yet powerful mastermind experience, I’m going to teach you the exact strategies and systems, and give you the exact mindset support you need to get your business to $5K months and beyond.

You’ll have me in your back pocket to answer all your questions and hold your hand as you overcome your biggest money blocks and massively uplevel in your business.

Plus you’ll be surrounded by other successful women who are all on the same journey as you.

It’s going to be a powerful playground to bounce off ideas, implement kickass marketing strategies, master your sales process, overcome stubborn mindset blocks and step into a whole new level in your life and business.

My clients tell me I am the most hands-on coach they’ve worked with, and this program is no exception.

The mastermind is designed to be fast-paced and very hands-on, and you’ll get a massive ton of personal attention and support from me, so you can skyrocket your business to a whole new level.

Goodbye feast-and-famine cycles. Hello, $5k+ months!


  • Your Goal-setting Workbook designed specifically to give you massive clarity on your intention for the program and set you up for success
  • 12 Training Modules that give you everything you need to attract consistent high-end clients and create those $5K+ months without the overwhelm
  • 12 Group Coaching Calls with personalized laser coaching and support from me each step of the way
  • A Private Facebook Group where you can get all your daily questions answered, plus surround yourself with incredible women on the same journey
  • Unlimited feedback from me on all your actual marketing materials including copy, website, social media posts, emails, funnels, ads, landing pages and more


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$397 X 4



:: Get clarity and shift into massive alignment with your purpose and your mission so you’re clear on what impact you want to make in this world

:: Learn exactly how to leverage your story, credentials and experience to magnetize your absolute dream clients and craft your authentic message

:: Get to know your dream clients inside out, and master their language and vocabulary to get them addicted to your copy and content


:: Learn my go-to step-by-step process to package and structure high-end signature offers that both you and your clients totally adore

:: Map out the three kinds of offers your clients actually want from you, and learn how to price them right

:: Steal the 10-step Sales Page Framework that I use to write high-converting sales pages for all my programs


:: Craft your irresistible lead magnet that attracts high-quality subscribers into your list and community

:: Discover my best-kept copywriting secrets to design your own high-converting landing page


:: Map out a simple money-making sales funnel to accelerate your know-like-trust factor, build a strong connection with your audience and convert cold subscribers into hot leads for your offers

:: Steal my ready templates for writing sales emails to fill your calendar with discovery calls every single week


:: Get my ready Facebook Ads template to setup and run low-cost, high-converting Facebook Ads to grow your list on auto-pilot every single day with the perfect subscribers

:: Bypass the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make while running their first Facebook Ads campaign and quickly grow your list to 1000 subscribers and beyond


:: Implement a strategic Facebook groups marketing plan to grow your list by hundreds of subscribers

:: Position yourself as an expert and skyrocket your visibility through collaborations, guest blogging and PR opportunities

:: Optimize your social media strategy so you finally stop wasting hours of your time and start crafting high-impact content to bring in qualified leads into your business


:: Uncover the stubborn money blocks that are holding you back from hitting those coveted $5K months  and learn to navigate past them for consistent clients and income

:: Overcome the most common sales myths that are stopping you from claiming your expertise and selling your offers with ease

:: Ditch the 'struggling freelancer' mentality and embrace your inner CEO to create big income months with ease


:: Learn my 5 favorite go-to strategies to fill your calendar with discovery calls every single week

:: Tweak your copy and uplevel your booking process so you get the right people on the phone with you and avoid time-wasters and bargain-hunters


:: Steal my step-by-step discovery call script that I use to convert my calls at a whopping 80%

:: Learn to tackle and overcome ANY sales objection so you can double your conversion rates overnight

:: Discover the art of following up with prospects without feeling pushy, salesy or icky and while being 100% yourself


:: Learn exactly how to map out your content calendar every single week so you’re constantly nurturing your community and making sales

:: Master the six types of content I consistently use to fill up every one of my programs and sell out any course

:: Duplicate the exact Facebook posts and Sales emails that have brought in over 50 calls and countless clients for my business


:: Learn to host super-fun + addictive webinars, challenges and live-streams to boost your sales and income

:: Master the art of repurposing your content so you can make a big impact on your audience while spending minimal time in content creation


:: Understand the most important numbers in your business, so you can consistently sign up clients and hit your income goals month after month

:: Learn to outsource simple tasks in your business so you can finally focus on the money-making and free up hours of your time

“When I first started working with Avni, I was new to online business building. I was inspired, nervous, and knew I had a mountain of knowledge to acquire.

Avni was there to make sense of it with me as the perfect educator and supporter that she is. She helped me take the raw material of my experience, skills and wants, and craft them into a sustainable and beautiful business.

Now, I am confident, booked with clients and poised to crush it in 2017.

And yes, I just had my first $10K month!

AMY WALSH | Creativity Liberation Agent at

"I opened my doors as an online visibility coach a year ago. And though I had some clients, it felt random. I didn't have a system at all for building relationships with people once they signed up for my free offering.

Working with Avni was a wonderful experience. She thoroughly examined all the pieces of my process and helped me strategize how I could leverage the content I already had created. She helped me devise an email funnel that could run smoothly without me constantly trying to play catch up.

Since working with Avni, I have 2 new clients! I'm feeling so much more in charge of my business now, and I have a solid plan in place for the coming months."

LINDA UGELOW | Visibility and Confidence Coach |

"I came to Avni when I was feeling really stuck in my business. And within 45 minutes, she was able to help me identify what my next steps should be, and it felt totally in alignment, which is very important to me.

There are many coaches and strategists out there who will tell you what you should do, while making you feel totally overwhelmed in the process. But working with Avni is different. She'll meet you exactly where you are, and gently show you the way forward.

Super smart, on point + such a kind soul. In just one call with her, I was able to sign up 4 new clients! Woot woot! Avni will totally rock your world! "

KRISTINA SHUMILOVA | Founder at Awaken Your Feminine

"Before I started working with Avni, I was struggling to build my online business. I had a strong desire to get my coaching business flourishing but had almost zero results.

With Avni’s help I was able to not only kickstart my business, but almost grow it on autopilot! The level of growth I have seen in my business & life over past 4 months has been unlike anything else I have ever experienced. And within a few months, I have gone from severely under-charging for my services to signing up my first $3500 client!
I am truly grateful to her for the support she has extended me throughout. Thank you Avni. You are a STAR!"

NISHA BHAMBHANI | Mindset & Success Coach |

Before working with Avni, I had already tried a few things in my business.  I had a joined a group program, I was working with 1-on-1 clients, I had a small Facebook group and e-mail list.  However the income from my business was still inconsistent and I was still trying to figure out the best way to market my services.  I needed someone who could help me sift through all the marketing mumbo jumbo and figure out what's best for me and my clients.  And I wanted someone to help me create a system for consistent $5k months.

Since working with Avni, I've been able to create simple, repeatable systems for my business to generate the income I need not just to survive but to THRIVE.

With Avni's guidance, I am now signing up 3X more clients than before, and they are all signing up for my higher end offers!

I would definitely recommend Avni to all my friends in online business.  She really knows her stuff.  I love how she is hands-on and so supportive even in-between sessions.  She really cares about her clients and does everything she can to make sure they succeed."

CAROLYN M GATUS | Energy, Health & Movement Coach | DYNAMIC BODY MIND SPIRIT

When does the program begin?

The Orientation week starts on October 22nd, 2017 and the program officially begins the week after, and goes on till end of January 2018, with a break in between for the holidays.

Who is this program for?

If you are a service-based entrepreneur who is struggling to find consistent high-paying clients in your business, and isn't creating consistent $5K+ months, this immersion is perfect for you. I especially love working with coaches, health professionals, brand strategists, designers, copywriters and stylists.

What additional investments will I incur while working through this immersion?

Depending on where you are at in your business, and how much you can realistically invest back, I may recommend some additional investments to boost your business growth. (Facebook Ads, for example). Having said that, there are free-ish ways of doing every single thing, including building a website, creating your own brand or marketing your business. We'll find options that best suit your needs.


Enrollment is currently closed!





$397 X 4



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