You started your business with a BIG VISION – to create a massive impact on the world through your work, and build real wealth in the process.

You set up your website, created your offers, even built your own group and list.

But then? Poof. Dud. Nothing.

Where ARE all those high-paying clients that everyone keeps talking about? Why won't they sign up?

It’s getting harder and harder to get people on the phone. And even when they do come in, there’s always that excuse in the end – 'The price is too high', 'This isn’t the right time for me', and of course, the dreaded 'I am not ready to invest so much'.

On the inside, you know you are meant for more. You can't wait for those consistent clients and that steady, predictable income. You can't wait to hear ‘OMG YES  - sign me up!’ on the phone.

Trust me, I get it. I was exactly there a year ago.

For two full months in my business, I had no clients. Not even a discovery call.

And for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why!

But everything changed once I finally decided to master the art of SELLING.

Here's the deal. If your goal is to book those high-paying clients and finally hit that $5K+ mark in your business, you need to focus on sales.

Focusing on sales and money-making is what finally helped me bring in 5 clients in 5 weeks as a brand-new coach. Without a website. Without a list or group. Without even a sales page!

Plus, in the past one year alone, I have used this exact strategy to sell out 3 programs, create five figure months and a $10K week!

The truth is, if you’re not signing up those dream clients, and making the kind of income you want in your business, then a fancy website, or a new opt-in or a photoshoot in Paris is not the answer. Trust me, all of that can wait.

What you're missing is a solid Sales Strategy.

And that’s what this course is all about.

SALES SANITY™ is a 6-module video training course, that shows you exactly how to get over your fear of selling, fill your calendar with discovery calls, sign up high-end clients and create consistent $5K - $10K months in your business.


  • 6 Modules (29 videos in all) that you can watch, absorb and implement at your own pace
  • Bonus workbooks and cheat-sheets to use again and again as you master your sales conversations and sign up consistent clients
  • Access to the course content forever, including future updates and bonus content


:: Create a business model that fits your routine and suits your ideal lifestyle

:: Discover the #1 mistake people make when it comes to setting income goals and how to do it right

:: Learn the 3 things I do before signing up new clients to avoid overwhelm and burnout

:: Implement absolute must-have systems and structures to onboard new clients with ease


:: The #1 way to get over the biggest fears and doubts you have around selling your offers

:: The only 4 things you need to stand out as the go-to expert in your industry

:: The 3 common sales myths that are keeping you from selling your offers – busted!

:: The ONE secret to selling your offers that no one’s talking about


:: Learn my go-to step-by-step process to craft and structure irresistible offers for your ideal clients

:: Map out the three kinds of offers your clients want from you, and learn how to price them right

:: Steal the Sales Page Framework that I use to write high-converting sales pages for my programs and offers


:: Discover my 3-step process for converting strangers into hot leads and paying clients

:: Snag my simple go-to strategies for booking 10 or even 20 assessments on demand

:: Learn to conduct free calls and assessments that leave your potential clients hungry for more


:: Steal my step-by-step discovery call script that I use to convert my calls at a whopping 80%

:: Learn to tackle and overcome ANY sales objection so you can double your conversion rates

:: Discover the art of following up with prospects without feeling pushy, salesy or icky


:: Master the SIX types of content I use to actually make sales and fill up every one of my programs

:: Duplicate the exact Facebook posts and Sales emails that have brought in over 50 free assessments and countless clients for my business

:: Steal my 7-step framework for crafting ANY sales email or post for maximum conversions



“When I first started working with Avni, I was new to online business building. I was inspired, nervous, and knew I had a mountain of knowledge to acquire.

Avni was there to make sense of it with me as the perfect educator and supporter that she is. She helped me take the raw material of my experience, skills and wants, and craft them into a sustainable and beautiful business.

Now, I am confident, booked with clients and poised to crush it in 2017.

And yes, I just had my first $10K month!

AMY WALSH | Creativity Liberation Agent at

"I opened my doors as an online visibility coach a year ago. And though I had some clients, it felt random. I didn't have a system at all for building relationships with people once they signed up for my free offering.

Working with Avni was a wonderful experience. She thoroughly examined all the pieces of my process and helped me strategize how I could leverage the content I already had created. She helped me devise an email funnel that could run smoothly without me constantly trying to play catch up.

Since working with Avni, I have 2 new clients! I'm feeling so much more in charge of my business now, and I have a solid plan in place for the coming months."

LINDA UGELOW | Visibility and Confidence Coach |

"I came to Avni when I was feeling really stuck in my business. And within 45 minutes, she was able to help me identify what my next steps should be, and it felt totally in alignment, which is very important to me.

There are many coaches and strategists out there who will tell you what you should do, while making you feel totally overwhelmed in the process. But working with Avni is different. She'll meet you exactly where you are, and gently show you the way forward.

Super smart, on point + such a kind soul. In just one call with her, I was able to sign up 4 new clients! Woot woot! Avni will totally rock your world! "

KRISTINA SHUMILOVA | Founder at Awaken Your Feminine


"Avni has been my Marketing guru, my launch strategist, my website consultant and so much more! She is a dream to work with.

If you are looking for a Marketing Coach who is gentle, kind, warm, very intelligent, honest and patient, she is your go-to girl!"

SUNAINA VOHRA | Youth and Parent Coach |

How and when is the content delivered?

As soon as you sign up, you will get access to the entire course and all the modules.

How long do I have access to the course materials?

You will have lifetime access to all the course materials, as well as any updated versions or modules that are released in the future. If the content is ever taken down for some reason, you will get a month’s notice so you can save all the materials for lifetime access.

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