Two years ago, I decided to say ‘no’ to my high-paying, albeit a little boring corporate job, and jumped head-first into entrepreneurship, without a plan or any direction.

But there was one thing I definitely knew - it’s that ambitious & intelligent women like us deserve to do work we love + build massive wealth in the process to support a life of absolute freedom.

And that mission has guided me over the past two years, as I’ve navigated this crazy entrepreneurial ride!

Over the past 18 or so months since I started this business, I have worked with hundreds of women from all over the world to help them quit their 9-to-5 jobs, and build a super-profitable empire that is truly creating transformations in the world.

This is what they have to say -

When I first started working with Avni, I was new to online business building. I was inspired, nervous, and knew I had a mountain of knowledge to acquire. Now, I am confident, booked with clients and poised to crush it in 2017. And yes, I just had my first $10K month! - Amy Walsh

With Avni’s help, I was able to not only kickstart my business, but almost grow it on autopilot! And within a few months, I have gone from severely under-charging for my services to signing up my first $3500 client! - Nisha Bhambhani

I signed up 3 paying clients and had a $3750 month in my first ever month in business! I also became more confident about my offers and pricing which helped me also build my email list to more than 500 in less than 45 days of running my business. - Shweta Dawar

Since working with Avni, I've been able to create simple, repeatable systems for my business to generate the income I need not just to survive but to thrive. With Avni's guidance, I am now signing up 3X more clients than before, and they are all signing up for my higher end offers! - Carolyn M Gatus

And now it's your turn.


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