Infinite Wealth


So you can finally charge your worth, ditch your blocks, stop sabotaging yourself, and unlock your potential for infinite wealth.

If you’ve been an entrepreneur for a while, or are about to take the leap and start your own business, you probably already know that ditching your money blocks is the key to easily leaping to your next level.

Because with those blocks holding you back, you’ll end up sabotaging your own success, and make your journey way harder than it needs to be.

And perhaps, you already realize that the stories and beliefs you absorbed over the years keep playing as patterns in your life and business over & over again.

Stories such as ‘Making money is hard work’ or ‘You can’t make money doing what you love’ or the ever popular ‘Rich people are greedy and selfish (ughhh!)’ hold you back every time you’re about to hit that next level of income & impact.

Your conscious mind knows that money is amazing, and it’s the key to living your dream life – hiring that coach, booking that retreat in Bali, retiring your partner for good, treating your family to a cruise holiday, and living life on your own terms.

But subconsciously, there’s still something holding you back.


Maybe you’ve even tried to tackle the money blocks yourself.

Perhaps, like most of my clients, you’ve already devoured every book with the word ‘money’, ‘wealth’, or ‘millionaire’ in the title, participated in countless trainings & courses around ‘How to manifest money’ and stood in front of the mirror every morning and said your affirmations a thousand times.

But when the time comes to raise your prices, invest in a high-level coach or finally book that dream holiday, you doubt yourself. You back down. All your old beliefs pop right back up and you’re left wondering ‘Why hasn’t anything changed?’

And your bank account? It looks the same as it did a year ago.

So why hasn't anything changed yet?

Because transforming your money story is deep & powerful work.

No one can give you a blueprint, a formula or a step-by-step guide to change your money beliefs. And it's definitely not something you can simply learn by reading a book or watching a video.

Which is exactly why I created this VIP coaching experience for you.

So that you can master your money mindset, become a wealth magnet and whiz ahead in your business – now instead of someday in the future, when you are trying out strategy no. 1001 and wondering why it still isn’t working.

With the Infinite Wealth coaching experience, you can:

Confidently raise your prices, charge your worth and work on your own terms.

No more discounting your services, giving last minute bonuses and saying ‘yes’ to clients who suck the life out of you. You’ll finally allow yourself to raise your rates and work only with soulmate clients who truly light you up.

Create permanent shifts and habits around money that will last a lifetime.

You’ll learn to identify and overcome your biggest self-sabotaging behaviors so you can finally ditch the ‘I’m not good with money’ excuse.

Ditch the shame and anxiety around sales & become a sales ninja.

No more shying away from selling your offers. You’ll be able to see the value of your work and feel confident shouting about your awesomeness from the rooftops.

Make crazy money while doing what you love.

You’ll finally overcome the ‘Starving Artist' mentality that says you can’t have it all. Because you can. End of story.

Literally transform every area of your life.

When you raise your self-worth, it affects every single area of your life. So get ready to see your health, relationships and self-esteem soar as a result of this powerful work. And of course, your bank account too.

I’ve had clients 10X their income with this powerful work.

Now, it's your turn.

Let's create a new money story for you that will last a lifetime.


I know this stuff works, because I’ve been exactly where you are.

I started my life as a girl from a small town in India, born and brought up in an extremely loving family. My parents both worked hard to give us everything we desired, put us through the best school in the city and make sure that we grow up to be intelligent, well-rounded adults.

But just like any other kid, I grew up with beliefs such as -

  • I have to work really hard to make money
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees
  • Just be a good person, and the money will come
  • Everything isn't about money

And just like any other kid, I had no idea these beliefs would hold me back in the years to come.

After completing college and graduating from one of the world’s top business schools, I was offered an Investment Banking job in London – a job that I soon realized wasn’t made for me.

I quit that job to pursue a five-year corporate career in marketing, where once again, I felt like a fish out of water.

This wasn’t what I was supposed to do.

Around 2015, I was honestly lost and found myself up at 1 am every night, reading every blog post titled ‘How to find your life purpose’.

It was then that I stumbled upon the beautiful world of coaching, and finally felt like I belonged.

I had found my calling.

But things didn’t exactly go as planned after I started my business in mid-2016.

I found myself hustling really hard to attract clients and make money. I had hired the best marketing strategists, brand designers and copywriters and invested thousands into setting up my business, but everything still felt hard!

No matter how much I tried, I couldn’t get past $2000, $3000…the occasional $5000 months.

Finally, in October 2017, everything shifted for me.

After spending a couple of months doing massive inner work, things started unfolding beautifully.

I hit my first $15,000 month. Then a $20,000 month. Then a $24,000 month.

And it felt easy. Fun. Effortless.


My clients too started experiencing massive results after committing to doing the inner work daily.

Results such as -

Quitting their corporate jobs, moving halfway across the world and hitting six-figures in their first year of business.

Jumping from $2K months to $20K months almost overnight.

Attracting high-ticket clients after years of undercharging and under-serving.

And now, I can’t wait to help you do the same.

Here's what the next 90 days will look like for you:

1. Uncover the deeply embedded beliefs and blocks holding you back from your next level

We'll start this journey by diving deep into your upbringing, your family's wealth story and all your money memories that determine your current self-worth & net-worth.

2. Release old money patterns that have been playing in your life

Then, using some extremely powerful techniques, we will work together to release your limiting beliefs, blocks and traumas that have been holding you back for decades.

3. Create a new Infinite Wealth Blueprint for your life & business

Next, I'll support you in reprogramming your mind for wealth and success and we'll create a brand new money story for you that aligns with your biggest dreams and desires.

4. Fall in love with money

And finally, we'll make sure you start operating from your new paradigm, and cultivate everyday habits, mindsets and actions that support you in attracting infinite wealth into your life. 

Trust me, your life won't be the same on the other side.


Real results from past clients

I just celebrated my first $10K Month!

Avni has helped change my mindset completely. We specifically worked on my money and mindset blocks, which has made a huge difference in both my business and personal life. 

Since working with Avni, I literally wake up to clients booking calls with me - it's freaking amazing! I just signed up 3 clients back-to-back this month and celebrated my first $10K month! Next goal is $20K, and I know it's going to happen very soon!


I've never booked so many clients back-to-back!

Working with Avni was hands down the best business decision I made this year. I've never booked so many clients back to back before working with her!  The combination of mindset work, strategy and content planning was the perfect mix for my business. I've felt so supported throughout every step of this journey and Avni makes it SO easy to reach her. I am forever grateful for her heart to heart talks and willingness to always hear me out and help me see my bigger picture.


I signed up 4 new clients!

I came to Avni when I was feeling really stuck in my business. And within 45 minutes, she was able to help me identify what my next steps should be, and it felt totally in alignment, which is very important to me. Super smart, on point + such a kind soul. In just one call with her, I was able to sign up 4 new clients! Woot woot! Avni will totally rock your world!


I'm celebrating a $10K month! 

When I first started working with Avni, I was new to online business building. I was inspired, nervous, and knew I had a mountain of knowledge to acquire. Avni was there to make sense of it with me as the perfect educator and supporter that she is. She helped me take the raw material of my experience, skills and wants, and craft them into a sustainable and beautiful business. Now, I am confident, booked with clients and poised to crush it this year. And yes, I just had my first $10K month!


I tripled my monthly income!

With Avni's guidance, I am now signing up 3X more clients than before and they are all signing up for my higher end offers! 

I would definitely recommend Avni to all my friends in online business.  She really knows her stuff! Plus, she really cares about her clients and does everything she can to make sure they succeed.


This experience is perfect for you if -

  • You’re smart, talented, hard-working and stellar at what you do, but making money still feels super hard.
  • Your biggest months are quickly followed by $0 months, and you find yourself back at square zero, over & over again.
  • You have massive self-doubt around charging your worth and often wonder if you’re good enough to achieve your dreams.
  • You're working really hard in your business right now, often worry about spending money and constantly wonder if you'll ever make it.
  • You know you’re capable of being a rockstar entrepreneur with a 6 or even a 7-figure business, but something's blocking you, and you don’t know what.
  • You're tired of being stuck in the same patterns over & over again, and are ready to finally shift your beliefs so you can hit the next level.
  • You’re done trying to figure this money stuff on your own, and would love to be deeply supported in transforming your life & business.

If you've scrolled this far, and nodded your head several times,

this VIP experience was made for you!

Let's do this.



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