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And I recently celebrated a $10K week in my business!

 But this wasn't always my reality.

In fact, just a few months back, I WAS YOU. 

I was diligently doing my ‘morning mindset practice’ and writing ‘$10K MONTHS’ in my journal over and over again.

I was posting in Facebook Groups three times a day trying my best to share value and showcase my expertise.

I was waking up in the middle of the night to make sure I hadn’t missed replying to any messages and comments.

I was watching every webinar and signing up for every freebie hoping to crack the code to consistent clients and income.

I was sending emails over and over again to the same 200 people on my tiny email list, and getting over-the-moon excited every time someone even booked a call with me.

Don’t get me wrong – I did sign up a few handful of clients then. But I was stuck in a feast-and-famine cycle and was far from hitting the consistent $10K months mark in my business.

Plus, I was totally undercharging for my services and massively over-delivering to my clients, because I was so worried that people wouldn’t see the value in what I was offering. (Heck, I was ready to do a little song and dance routine for my clients just to get a couple of extra hundreds!) And what did that lead to? You guessed it. More burn out.

Basically, I was exhausted, depleted and was working more than I’d EVER worked in my high-paying corporate job. All for a measly $2000 per month. No wonder I kept dreaming about just quitting it all and going back to my cushy, comfortable job!

And if you’re feeling anything like this right now, let me stop you right there and tell you – YOU CAN TOTALLY TURN THINGS AROUND.

Because I did.

In a span of 2 short months, everything turned around for me.

I was finally getting the kinda results I had always dreamt of!

My list was quickly growing on autopilot with the perfect audience.

I was waking up to discovery calls booked every single week, and hearing 'Hell Yes' on the phone more & more.

People were seeking me out as a guest expert for their blogs and summits.

And I finally knew what to do every single day in my business to scale my biz to $10K months and beyond!

Within 2 months, I went from having $2K months to creating consistent $10K, $15K and $20K kinda results in my business!

And now, it's your time.

THRIVE is a 4-month mentorship experience for coaches and entrepreneurs who want to makeover their money mindset, overcome their limiting beliefs, explode their visibility and influence, attract high-end clients on demand, and create consistent Five-figure months in their online business.


:: You're ready to sign up consistent 1:1 clients month after month and create High Income & High Impact months in your online business

:: You've worked with a few clients here and there and made some money in your business, but feel like you deserve much, much more

:: You're prepared to uncover the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from magnetizing the clients and cash

:: You want to learn streamlined strategies to explode your list and community, nurture your audience and book and convert discovery calls on demand

:: You're ready to ditch the 24X7 hustle, and finally work less while earning way more!

:: Feel 1000% aligned and on fire about your message, your business, your offers and the impact you're creating in this world

:: Have a group and list filled with hundreds of your ideal clients + systems to grow your community on autopilot every single day

:: Master your signature & totally unique sales process to consistently book sales calls and enroll high-end clients on demand

:: Feel excited, proud and powerful about the work you're sharing with the world, instead of doubtful, fearful and embarrassed

:: Have the confidence, visibility and strategic systems you need to create consistent and predictable $5K & $10K months in your business, month after month

And here’s the cherry on the cake that no one talks about - All of this and more is possible for you while working just a few hours a day in your business.

A lot of my clients often ask me if they will be able to sustain their success once they hit $5K or $10K months. And the answer is a resounding YES!

Because once you have uncovered those limiting beliefs, and implemented strategies that feel totally aligned to you, everything else becomes easier.

You don’t need to work longer or harder to double or even triple your sales and income.

You can create consistent and predictable results in your business once you have the missing pieces in place. Without the overwhelm. Without the burnout. While working just a few hours every day, and actually having FUN.

Because I know your goal is not just to create those $10K months, but to live a fulfilling, thriving life while doing that.

And that’s exactly what I’m here to help you create.

Let’s ditch the overwork and overwhelm, compress your timelines and take the fastest route to success.

With a coaching certification under my belt, an MBA, and 5+ years of online marketing experience working with large global brands and small cozy businesses, I am no newbie to the online marketing world.

Seriously, I live and breathe this stuff, and love every minute of it.

Let's do this.


  • 12 private 60-minute coaching calls with me over the four months
  • BONUS Lifetime Access to my signature course - $10K MONTHS MADE EASY {Worth $997} 
  • Fill-in-the-blank workbooks, done-for-you scripts, cheat sheets and swipe files - everything you need to create those high-income months without the overwhelm
  • Unlimited feedback on all your actual marketing materials including copy, website, social media posts, emails, funnels, ads, landing pages and more
  • Unlimited email & Voxer access to me through the course of the four months
  • Accountability check-ins to make sure you’re moving forward while feeling massively supported in your journey


:: Uncover the limiting beliefs and past money dramas that are keeping you stuck and playing small, so you can attract the high-end clients you totally deserve

:: Overcome your doubts and fears around visibility and sales, so you feel confident selling your offers and increasing your prices

:: Get clarity and shift into massive alignment with your purpose, your message and your ideal clients so you fall in love with your business all over again

:: Design high-end signature offers that provide transformational results to your clients

:: Create an irresistible lead magnet to attract ideal clients into your email list and/or group

:: Leverage Facebook Groups, Guest posting and other social media and visibility opportunities to grow your list organically

:: Setup and run high-converting Facebook Ads to grow your list on autopilot every single day

:: Map out a simple money-making sales funnel to fill your calendar with sales conversations

:: Steal my best strategies for booking free calls and discovery calls on demand to sign up high-end clients

:: Learn how to navigate the most common sales objections and convert your discovery calls at a whopping 80%

:: Create inspired content every single day to nurture your audience, showcase your expertise and convert high-end clients

:: Host Facebook Lives, webinars and challenges to connect with your audience and boost your sales

:: Discover my best copywriting secrets for creating high-converting landing-pages, sales pages, ads, posts and emails

:: Understand your numbers and learn how to reverse engineer in your business, so you can hit your income goals every single month

:: Skyrocket your productivity by implementing systems and automations in your business so you can finally work less and earn more

Before working with Avni, I felt confused as to how to market myself & how to package my offers. Oh and I was slogging away in front of my computer working stupidly long hours in my business. (I was working 14+ hour days!)

Over the past few months, I have now simplified my offers, niched down and sell only high-end packages to clients that I LOVE working with!

Not just that, Avni has helped change my mindset completely. We specifically worked on my money and mindset blocks, which has made a huge difference in both my business and personal life.

I now run my business the way I once could only dream about.

Avni has given me the strategies to get clients in the door, and now that I have everything in place and implemented, I literally wake up to clients booking calls with me - it's freaking amazing!

I just signed up 3 clients back-to-back this month and celebrated my first $10K month! Next goal is $20K, and I know it's going to happen very soon.

SARAH DALE | Branding Expert + Graphic Designer |

“When I first started working with Avni, I was new to online business building. I was inspired, nervous, and knew I had a mountain of knowledge to acquire.

Avni was there to make sense of it with me as the perfect educator and supporter that she is. She helped me take the raw material of my experience, skills and wants, and craft them into a sustainable and beautiful business.

Now, I am confident, booked with clients and poised to crush it in 2017.

And yes, I just had my first $10K month!

AMY WALSH | Creativity Liberation Agent at

"I opened my doors as an online visibility coach a year ago. And though I had some clients, it felt random. I didn't have a system at all for building relationships with people once they signed up for my free offering.

Working with Avni was a wonderful experience. She thoroughly examined all the pieces of my process and helped me strategize how I could leverage the content I already had created. She helped me devise an email funnel that could run smoothly without me constantly trying to play catch up.

Since working with Avni, I have 2 new clients! I'm feeling so much more in charge of my business now, and I have a solid plan in place for the coming months."

LINDA UGELOW | Visibility and Confidence Coach |

"I came to Avni when I was feeling really stuck in my business. And within 45 minutes, she was able to help me identify what my next steps should be, and it felt totally in alignment, which is very important to me.

There are many coaches and strategists out there who will tell you what you should do, while making you feel totally overwhelmed in the process. But working with Avni is different. She'll meet you exactly where you are, and gently show you the way forward.

Super smart, on point + such a kind soul. In just one call with her, I was able to sign up 4 new clients! Woot woot! Avni will totally rock your world! "

KRISTINA SHUMILOVA | Founder at Awaken Your Feminine

"Before I started working with Avni, I was struggling to build my online business. I had a strong desire to get my coaching business flourishing but had almost zero results.

With Avni’s help I was able to not only kickstart my business, but almost grow it on autopilot! The level of growth I have seen in my business & life over past 4 months has been unlike anything else I have ever experienced. And within a few months, I have gone from severely under-charging for my services to signing up my first $3500 client!
I am truly grateful to her for the support she has extended me throughout. Thank you Avni. You are a STAR!"

NISHA BHAMBHANI | Mindset & Success Coach |

"Working with Avni was hands down the best business decision I made this year. I've never booked so many clients back to back before working with her!

The combination of mindset work, strategy and content planning was the perfect mix for my business. I've felt so supported throughout every step of this journey and Avni makes it SO easy to reach her. I am forever grateful for her heart to heart talks and willingness to always hear me out and help me see my bigger picture."

SARA LOU | Yoga Teacher & Coach |

"Avni was the push I needed to get my business going. I had been working on the sidelines for about 3 months, not really putting anything out there. Avni helped me get clear with my offers and helped me get focused on things that were necessary to start getting clients. Being at a full time job, that really gave me the chance to spend the time I had, on things that actually mattered.

She also helped me get over some major mindset blocks which allowed me to sign up 3 paying clients and create a $3750 month in my first ever month in business! I also became more confident about my offers and pricing which helped me also build my email list to more than 500 in less than 45 days of running my business.
If you are stuck in your business or can't figure out how to scale, I would highly recommend you to hire Avni as your business coach."

SHWETA DAWAR | Facebook Ads & Bots Expert |

Before working with Avni, I had already tried a few things in my business.  I had a joined a group program, I was working with 1-on-1 clients, I had a small Facebook group and e-mail list.  However the income from my business was still inconsistent and I was still trying to figure out the best way to market my services.  I needed someone who could help me sift through all the marketing mumbo jumbo and figure out what's best for me and my clients.  And I wanted someone to help me create a system for consistent $5k months.

Since working with Avni, I've been able to create simple, repeatable systems for my business to generate the income I need not just to survive but to THRIVE.

With Avni's guidance, I am now signing up 3X more clients than before, and they are all signing up for my higher end offers!

I would definitely recommend Avni to all my friends in online business.  She really knows her stuff.  I love how she is hands-on and so supportive even in-between sessions.  She really cares about her clients and does everything she can to make sure they succeed."

CAROLYN M GATUS | Energy, Health & Movement Coach | DYNAMIC BODY MIND SPIRIT


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