A 6-month private coaching experience to help you develop a success mindset, master high-ticket selling and take your business to 6-figures & beyond.

Ready to stop playing small, lead with value, attract & serve high-end clients on demand, and create consistent $10K+ months?

All while working just a few hours each week, and running your business like a badass CEO?

You're in the right place!

Is this you?

 :: You’ve posted your offer in every Facebook group out there, multiple times, and you still hear crickets.

:: You've tried your hand at running Facebook Ads, with little or no results.

:: You’re sending out emails to the same 200 people on your email list, week after week, that no one responds to.

:: You've created complicated Content Calendars and Mindset Practices, that are more exhausting than helpful.

:: And when someone finally signs up for that sales call, converting them into clients is yet another battle!

HEY, I'M AVNI PALEKAR - Success Coach & Business Mentor.

And I remember being where you are just a year ago.

I was diligently doing my ‘morning mindset practice’ and writing ‘$10K MONTHS’ in my journal over and over again.

I was posting in Facebook Groups three times a day trying my best to share value and showcase my expertise.

I was waking up in the middle of the night to make sure I hadn’t missed replying to any messages and comments.

I was watching every webinar and signing up for every freebie hoping to crack the code to consistent clients and income.

I was sending emails over and over again to the same 200 people on my tiny email list, and getting over-the-moon excited every time someone even booked a call with me.

Don’t get me wrong – I did sign up a few handful of clients then. But I was stuck in a feast-and-famine cycle and was far from hitting the consistent $10K months mark in my business.

Plus, I was totally undercharging for my services and massively over-delivering to my clients, because I was so worried that people wouldn’t see the value in what I was offering. (Heck, I was ready to do a little song and dance routine for my clients just to get a couple of extra hundreds!) And what did that lead to? You guessed it. More burn out.

Basically, I was exhausted, depleted and was working more than I’d EVER worked in my high-paying corporate job. All for a measly $2000 per month.

No wonder I kept dreaming about just quitting it all and going back to my cushy, comfortable job!

And if you’re feeling anything like this right now, let me stop you right there and tell you - YOU CAN TOTALLY TURN THINGS AROUND.

Because I did.

Everything turned around for me when I decided to commit, do the work and uplevel to $10K+ Months.

The Result?

I grew my email list by 4000+ people overnight!

My sales calls started converting at nearly 100%.

I started working 5 hours a day instead of 12.

I started signing up the most amazing, soulmate clients who were ready to commit & excited to pay-in-full.

$10K months, $15K months, $20K months became my NEW NORMAL.

And...I hit 6-figures in 8 short months!

With some simple Strategic Systems & some serious Mindset Shifts,

all of this is totally possible for you.

And that's exactly why I want to invite you to join this mentorship.

Yes, I'm totally ready to uplevel my life & biz!


My clients have gone on to create results like these:

:: Hit their first ever $7K, $10K and $15K months!

:: Gained the confidence to triple their rates overnight.

:: Grown their group by 1000+ potential clients in a week.

:: Fired pain-in-the-a** low-end clients and brought in two $5000 pay-in-full clients instead.

:: Streamlined their business to slash their working hours into half.

:: Mastered a system to convert nearly 100% of their sales calls!

Now, it's your time.

With a coaching certification under my belt, an MBA from an elite business school, and 7+ years of online marketing experience, I know exactly what it takes to scale an online business to five-figure months.

Seriously, I live and breathe this stuff, and love every minute of it. Let's do this!


Your Mentorship Experience includes:

:: 18 private 60-minute coaching calls with me over the six months

:: BONUS Lifetime Access to my signature course - $10K MONTHS MADE EASY {Worth $997} 

:: Fill-in-the-blank workbooks, done-for-you scripts, cheat sheets and swipe files - everything you need to create those high-income months without the overwhelm

:: Unlimited feedback on all your actual marketing materials including copy, website, social media posts, emails, funnels, ads, landing pages and more

:: Unlimited email & Voxer access to me through the course of the six months

:: Accountability check-ins to make sure you’re moving forward while feeling massively supported in your journey

Yes, I'm ready to transform my life & biz!


This mentorship will give you the strategies, support, accountability and the mindset shifts necessary to build a truly profitable + sustainable business.

Because you don't just want those $10K months, right?

You want consistent, profitable $10K+ months.. over & over & over again.

That's what we're going to create for you.

Real Results from Past Clients...

"I just celebrated my first $10K Month!"

Before working with Avni, I felt confused as to how to market myself & how to package my offers. Oh and I was slogging away in front of my computer working stupidly long hours in my business. (I was working 14+ hour days!) Over the past few months, I have now simplified my offers, niched down and sell only high-end packages to clients that I LOVE working with!
Not just that, Avni has helped change my mindset completely. We specifically worked on my money and mindset blocks, which has made a huge difference in both my business and personal life.

Since working with Avni, I literally wake up to clients booking calls with me - it's freaking amazing! I just signed up 3 clients back-to-back this month and celebrated my first $10K month! Next goal is $20K, and I know it's going to happen very soon!

SARAH DALE | Branding Expert + Graphic Designer | www.sarahrosedesign.com.au

"I signed up 4 new clients!"

I came to Avni when I was feeling really stuck in my business. And within 45 minutes, she was able to help me identify what my next steps should be, and it felt totally in alignment, which is very important to me. Super smart, on point + such a kind soul. In just one call with her, I was able to sign up 4 new clients! Woot woot! Avni will totally rock your world!

KRISTINA SHUMILOVA | Founder at Awaken Your Feminine

"I tripled my monthly income!"

Before working with Avni, I had a joined a group program. I was working with 1-on-1 clients, and had a small Facebook group and e-mail list. However the income from my business was still inconsistent. With Avni's guidance, I am now signing up 3X more clients than before and creating consistent $5000 months, while signing up clients for my higher end offers! 

I would definitely recommend Avni to all my friends in online business.  She really knows her stuff! Plus, she really cares about her clients and does everything she can to make sure they succeed.

CAROLYN M GATUS | Energy, Health & Movement Coach | DYNAMIC BODY MIND SPIRIT

Yes, I'm ready for my 6-figure empire!


"I've never booked so many clients back-to-back!"

Working with Avni was hands down the best business decision I made this year. I've never booked so many clients back to back before working with her!  The combination of mindset work, strategy and content planning was the perfect mix for my business. I've felt so supported throughout every step of this journey and Avni makes it SO easy to reach her. I am forever grateful for her heart to heart talks and willingness to always hear me out and help me see my bigger picture.

SARA LOU | Yoga Teacher & Coach | www.saralouyoga.com

"I just had a $10K month! "

When I first started working with Avni, I was new to online business building. I was inspired, nervous, and knew I had a mountain of knowledge to acquire. Avni was there to make sense of it with me as the perfect educator and supporter that she is. She helped me take the raw material of my experience, skills and wants, and craft them into a sustainable and beautiful business. Now, I am confident, booked with clients and poised to crush it this year. And yes, I just had my first $10K month!

AMY WALSH | Creativity Coach at www.amywalsh.net

Yes, I want $10K Months!



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