Success Coach + Business Mentor for ambitious coaches & entrepreneurs like you - ready to shine bright & create magic with their work, while becoming wildly wealthy in the process.

And I’m on a mission to support 10,000 women in becoming Wildly Wealthy and Financially Free, while doing their life’s best work!

Six years ago, I was a graduate from an elite business school, with an investment banking job in London and tens of thousands in student loans.

Two years ago, I was an ambitious woman working in a global multinational company in a glamorous marketing job, and still feeling like a fish out of water.

Just a year ago, I was an overworked and under-paid certified coach who was massively hiding, selling herself short and working 12+ hours a day in her business.

And today, I am still that ambitious, intelligent woman, who believes that you don’t have to sell your soul, work yourself to death or compromise your values to create a truly remarkable life & business.

Over the last 2 years, I've helped hundreds of women...

Attract their first-ever paying clients,
Create their first $5K week,
Hit their first $10K+ month & many more after that, and

Launch & sell out transformational courses and group programs.


But more importantly, I've helped my clients...

Uncover massive limiting blocks,
Heal past money stories,
Pay off student loans and significant debt,
Finally come out of hiding after years of undercharging and underserving,
Quit their 9-to-5 jobs and
Relocate across countries & continents to finally live their dream life!!!


I'm a Psychology Graduate, a Certified Business Coach, and an MBA from an elite Business School.

I’ve been reading personal developments books since I was 15, have worked in online marketing since I was 24, and dreamt of being an entrepreneur before the age of 30.

I’ve worked with huge global brands, small cozy businesses and everything in between.

And I believe more than anything else that to build a successful business - STRATEGY & MINDSET always go hand-in-hand.

Want to know how I can support you in Massively Upleveling your Life & Business?



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