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When I started my coaching business, I was hustling on social media 24X7, massively undercharging for my services, working very long hours, and attracting clients who could either not afford my services or just weren't the right fit.

But then, by making 5 Simple Shifts in my business, I started attracting high-end clients on demand and creating consistent $5k, $8k and $11k months.

In this 75-minute training, I'm taking you behind the scenes in my business and opening the curtains on :

:: The exact 5 things I changed in my business to go from feast-and-famine results to creating consistent, predictable $5K months

:: How I grow my list by 300+ women on autopilot every single month, and fill my group + list with ideal clients, to create consistent sales, month after month

:: The step-by-step system I use to book and convert discovery calls on demand

:: How I make all these marketing & sales strategies work for me by first mastering my mindset!


For the longest time, my teeny-tiny email list held me back from truly reaching more people, & creating the big impact and big income months!

But then, in two short months, I added a 1000+ high-quality, ready-to-buy leads into my email list, and my business has never been the same again!

In this 90-minute training, I'm teaching you exactly how I added 1000+ subscribers to my list overnight. More specifically, you'll learn :

:: How to create an irresistible freebie to explode your list with perfect-for-you clients 

:: How to create high-converting landing pages that convert at over 50%

:: How to leverage Facebook Groups, guest blogging and other visibility opportunities to grow your list organically

:: How to run low-cost, high-converting Facebook Ads to add consistent leads to your biz every single day and scale up your business overnight!


When I started my coaching business, I was doing everything in my power to sign up that first paying client. I had people telling me to get photos done, build a website, grow my list, grow my group - it was all super-overwhelming!

Finally I decided to ditch all of it and focus on doing just 3 things - and what happened next was nothing short of miraculous. I signed 5 clients in 5 weeks - as a brand-freaking-new coach!

And in this 40-minute video training, I'm teaching you the exact 3 steps you need to take to sign up your first set of paying clients in 30 days or less! More specifically, you'll learn:

:: Why building your website or growing your email list isn't the best use of your time right now, and what you should be focusing on instead

:: How to create a transformational offer that guarantees results for your clients and has them lining up to buy from you

:: Why the only thing that matters right now is talking to people and my best strategies for filling up your calendar this week with sales conversations with high-quality leads primed to invest in you


You may have already heard this story, but my first discovery call way back in April 2016 was an utter disaster! I was nervous, shivering and had no clue what I should say to get someone to hire me.

And then in a short span of 3 months, I went from being outright AFRAID of sales, to feeling like a total SALES QUEEN who converts 80% of her calls into paying clients!

And in this 45-minute video training, I'm teaching you exactly how to do that! More specifically, you'll learn:

:: The exact 8-step framework I use to connect with potential clients, and book and convert my calls at a whopping 80%

:: My best tips and strategies for conducting sales conversations that feel fun, easy and authentic to both you and your clients


Are you considering creating and launching your very first e-course? Well, let me tell you - the best time to launch is NOW. You don't have to spend months growing your list or nurturing your leads.

You can have a successful course launch in just a few short weeks - and make your Passive Income dream a reality. Let me show you how!

And in this 40-minute video training, you'll learn exactly how to create, launch and sell out your very first e-course! More specifically, you'll learn:

:: How to choose the perfect idea + topic for your first ever online course

:: How to make sure you have high-quality warm leads for your course before you even create or launch

:: How to structure your course to deliver the best results for your clients

:: When & how to launch your first course for maximum sales + How to sell your course on autopilot using Facebook Ads and Sales funnels



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